"Mahamana Shiksha evam Sanskar Prakalp"

- By Mahamana Malaviya Mission Indraprastha Shakha

Gadiya Lohar, a nomadic tribe who was once associated with Maharana Pratap and known for great values, is lost in the oblivion today.

Empowering them through education is the one of the options to bring them in mainstream of the society.

Mahamana Malviya Misson – Indraprastha chapter has undertaken the task of empowering Gadiya Lohar community in NCR region.

Mission & Objectives
Mission has conducted the survey to ensure the social, economic and literacy status of this community

To bring the Gadiya Lohar community children/youths in mainstream of the society by empowering them through education.

To make them self reliant and responsible citizens.

Gadiya Lohar Samagam 17 April 2016

We believe in the power of strength.

Gadiya Lohar Shiksha Project in Delhi/NCR ( Mahamana Malaviya Mission Indraprastha Delhi)