Refund policy


MAHAMANA MALAVIYA MISSION takes the utmost care to process donations as per the instructions given by our donors, online and offline. However, in case of an unlikely event of an erroneous donation or if the donor would like to cancel his donation, MAHAMANA MALAVIYA MISSION will respond to the donor within 10 working days of receiving a valid request for refund from the donor. The timely refund of the donation will depend upon the type of credit card/banking instrument used during the transaction. The donor will have to send MAHAMANA MALAVIYA MISSION a written request for a refund within 2 days of making the donation to MAHAMANA MALAVIYA MISSION official address or email along with.

1. Proof of the deduction of the donation amount.

2. In cases where the donation receipt has already been issued to the donor, the donor will have to return the original receipt to us at our office addresses.

3. If the tax exemption certificate is already issued, then we are sorry but we will not be able to refund the donation. However, in case of a valid refund request due to any error on MAHAMANA MALAVIYA MISSION’s part, MAHAMANA MALAVIYA MISSION will refund the donation and bear the costs of the same.

4. International donations will need minimum 20 days for the refund process.

Note: Mahamana Malaviya Mission is a non-profit organization, registered under the Registration of Societies Act, 1860..

Timeline: Events in the Life of Mahamana Malaviya
   Date   Event
   25/12/1861    Born in Allahabad
   1878    Marriage with Kundan Devi in Mirzapur
   1879    Completed Matriculation from Muir Central College, Allahabad
   1884    B.A. from Calcutta University 
   Jul 1884    Teacher in Allahabad District School 
   Dec 1886    Attends the second Congress in Calcutta under chairmanship of Dadabhai Naouroji. 
  Makes his maiden speech on the issue of representation in Councils. 
   Jul 1887     Editor, Hindosthan in Kalakankar. 
   Jul 1887     Founding conference of Bharat Dharma Mandal. 
   Jul 1889     Leaves editorship and enrols for law degree in Allahabad. 
   1891     Completes LL.B. Starts legal practice in Allahabad District Court 
   Dec 1893     Begins legal practice at Allahabad High Court. 
   Mar 1898     Submits memorandum regarding use of Hindi to U.P. Governor. 
   1902-1903     Constructed Hindu Boarding House for students in Allahabad. 
   1903-1912     Member of Provincial Council 
   1904     Mooted proposal of a University 
   1906     Convened Sanatan Dharma Mahasabha in Allahabad. 
   1906     Propagated liberal Sanatan Dharma. 
   1907     Editor, Abhyudaya Propagated democratic principles 
   1909     Editor, English daily, Leader. Chaiblack the Lahore session of the Indian National
   1910     Started Hindi Monthly, Maryada 
   Oct 1910     Presidential address at the First Conference of Hindi Sahitya Sammelan 
   Nov 1911     Formation of the Hindu University Society 
   Dec 1911     At 50, renounces flourishing legal practice. Decides to serve country and
   work for the establishment of the University 
   1912-26     Member, Imperial Legislative Council 
   1914-1946     President of All India Seva Samiti 
   Feb 1915     Formation of Prayag Seva Samiti under his chairmanship 
   Oct 1915     The Banaras Hindu University Bill passed 
   4.2.1916     Foundation ceremony of the Banaras Hindu University 
   Mar 1916     Bill against Indentublack Labour system in Council 
   1916-18     Member, Industrial Commission 
   1918     Formed the Boys Scouts Association 
   Dec 1918     Chaiblack Indian National Congress Session in Delhi 
   Feb 1919     Debate on the Rowlett Bill in Council. Resignation from Council 
   1919-1939     Vice Chancellor, B.H.U. 
   Apr 1919     Chaiblack Hindi Sahitya Sammelan in Bombay 
   Jan 1922     Convened all party Conference 
   Dec 1922     Speech on Hindu Muslim Goodwill in Lahore 
   1924     Satyagraha at Sangam, Allahabad. 
   1924-1946     Chairman of the Board of Hindustan Times 
   Aug 1926     Formation of Congress Independent Party with Lala Lajpat Rai 
   Feb 1927     Statement before Agriculture Commission 
   Dec 1929     Convocation address in BHU. Asked students to serve nation and be patriotic. 
   1930     Resigns from Assembly. Arrested in Delhi. Sentenced to six months imprisonment. 
   1931     Speech on Hindu Muslim Unity in Kanpur. Participated with Gandhi in the
   London Round Table Conference. 
   Mar 1932     Formation of All India Swadeshi Union Issued Manifesto for Buy Indian goods 
   Sep 1932     Chaiblack meeting on emancipation of the depressed classes in Bombay 
   Apr 1932     President, Calcutta session of the Indian National Congress. Arrested in Asansol 
   Aug 1934     Speech on emancipation of the depressed classes in Gandhi's meeting in Banaras 
   1936     Convened Sanatan Dharma Mahasabha Conference in Allahabad for emancipation
   of the depressed classes. Instrumental in the launch of Hindustan Newspaper 
   Nov 1939     Appointed life Rector of BHU 
   1941     Founded Goraksha Mandal 
   Jan 1942     Invites Gandhi for the Convocation address on the Silver Jubilee of BHU 
   12/11/1946     Nation mourns his demise